Current Projects


CoMotion Festival at Harbourfront Centre

April 20 – May 1, 2022 – Live and Digital Offerings

Bringing together the dynamic and creative expressions of Deaf and Disabled artists, CoMotion Festival celebrates bold new work through its energetic multidisciplinary programming. Curated by renowned Canadian playwright, actor and disability arts advocate Alex Bulmer, CoMotion features a diverse series of engaging performances, events, visual art exhibitions, workshops and panel discussions.


Perceptual Archeology

Perceptual Archaeology, a new theatrework in development, puts blindness and sound at its core, and captures the experience of travelling blind –  where sonic curiosity  replaces the notion of sight-seeing.

“Going blind. These two words held new meaning. Going blind had been the frightening storm, the fraying rope, the loss of presence and awareness. Now, in this pool, going blind felt like potential, a becoming – becoming a sensory mathematician, a perceptual archaeologist.” — Alex Bulmer

Adapted from the blind travel essays by Alex Bulmer, this blind-led collaboration launches The Fire and Rescue Team, a new theatre group led by the creative intersections of blindness and seeing.

Postcards from My Balcony

Coming soon to a Toronto Film Festival

A short film written and performed by Alex Bulmer and directed by Leah Cherniak, Postcards from my Balcony follows blind writer Alex Bulmer as she returns from the UK to Canada while a pandemic erupts. She writes postcards under quarantine – little big thoughts sent out to the world. 

A close up of Alex Bulmer, a white woman with sandy brown hair wearing a white hoodie. Around her head white tissues magically float up into the air.